New excerpt for A New Dream! Release Day on Wednesday!

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I’m just passing by to tease you once more…

Only two days before the release of A New Dream!!



The blurb, for those who don’t know it yet!

After his wife Suzanne passed away in a car accident, David slowly retreated into depression. Three years later, he decides to leave France for Boston for a complete life makeover. He hangs up his lawyer three-piece suit to become a bar manager. On the plane, he meets James, co-owner of the bar.

James is a former Marine, a very gay one – tattooed, muscled, and yummy. The problem is, David would like to explore the feelings he has for his boss, but… James doesn’t do feelings. At all. Like, never.

Well, never say never…


To celebrate…and tease you, I admit it…here is an excerpt. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book. Enjoy!

David was now standing bare-naked before the bed, his manhood rising slowly as he observed the man lying down. He reached out for the long and delicate, white ostrich feather as he sat down on the bed in the crook between James’ arm and his chest. He lifted the feather and passed it over James’ upper body, from his shoulder to his navel and back to his nipples, painting him with invisible decorations. James’ respiration became erratic and he arched his back, as David traced arabesques with the diaphanous item. He skimmed James’ square face, strong but elegant and…unguarded. He trailed it along a cheekbone, his jaw, down his neck and continued to a collarbone…David traced the contours of James’ body. He was trying to learn his geography, the slightest mount, the faintest vale, each canal and canyon. He wanted his fingers to remember the gorgeous body of his lover, so he could recall it in his sleep.

The Feather helped him to achieve his goal. She was giving him the ability to embed the moment in his mind. He moved down to his torso, then his stomach…Oh mon Dieu, those muscles… He was never one to notice hunks or overly muscled women on the beach or on the street. James wasn’t exceedingly muscular, but more in extreme good shape.

The Feather hesitated and finally followed the treasure trail of thin reddish-blond hair on James’ firm stomach. David could see James’ jaw twitching rhythmically, as his fists clenched and unclenched on the now crumpled sheets. The Feather had taken the power from David. From now on, she would decide by herself which path to take. She lifted the bedclothes to uncover his cut manliness. It was standing to attention proudly, in a bush of frizzy dark red-blond hair, slicked with precum and begging to be touched, to be relieved. In a graceful movement, David cast the bed linen aside and revealed the entire nudity of his lover, the cold air provoking goose bumps on James’ hot body. David got out of breath at the mere sight and he took the time to observe in silent awe.

The Feather resumed her path, testing James’ patience. She brushed the length of his cock, increasing its throbbing ever more as it tried to catch the attention of the Temptress. She went down his full balls, as tense as the rest of his body. For a moment she thought about increasing her sensual torture and carry down his legs but she decided to let the boys play. Landing elegantly next to James’ body, she watched them for a moment. She observed how David leaned over to catch James’ impatient lips. She saw how James managed, with great self-control, to keep his arms stretched out. She gazed on as David caught James’ fist in his right hand, slowly forcing him to open it, finger by finger. She noticed how his soft lips covered James’ congested face. It was hard for him, the Feather could see, to restrain himself, to give his man all this power over himself. He looked like he was about to drown in desire. When would David finally decide to cover his lover’s greedy body? As he eventually did, the Feather turned her attention to the blanket and fell gracefully off the bed. Doing so, she was granting them all the privacy they needed. The last peek she took was as David lied down on top of James and decided to use his hands and mouth to discover his lover’s body. The feral look on David’s face made the Feather shudder. She closed her consciousness to the events that followed, returning forever to her previous state of inanimate object.


Ready for more? Buy your copy on Amazon on Wednesday!!

Talk to you soon!

Alex xxx


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