Join me at the Euro Pride Con in Munich this weekend!

11180602_10206906110041184_1393207193537449234_nI’m very pleased to announce you that I’m ready to take my plane to go to the Euro Pride Convention which going to take place this weekend in Munich, Germany.

It is my first convention ever, as an author so I’m very excited!keep-calm-and-say-woohoo

If you want your book signed, please bring yours, as I can’t bring much with me on the plane. I’ll see if I can stay a little longer on Sunday afternoon but my flight to come home is a bit early (4 PM). If you’re a featured attendee, I’ll be happy to sign it whenever you can catch me!

I expect the convention to be a place where we, authors, translators, readers and members of the big LGBT community, can be accepted for ourselves, no matter if we’re straight, gay, lesbian, genderqueer, transgender or whatever label you want to put on yourself. Please, if you comment on my photos and vids, don’t share your thoughts if you think they can hurt me or any person figuring on them. Thank you.

There’s gonna be swag, conferences, prizes, a lot of M/M authors to meet aaaaaaand THE PRIDE PARADE!!!!


I’ll take a lot of photos and let you know about the trip, the con and the parade on Facebook, Twitter and Tsu!

Stay tuned for the next episode!! 😀 next-episode-bg

Alex xxx


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