A World of Dreams, second edition, is OUT! Click and read! ♥♂♂♥

Good morning, people all around the world!

I just want to share some happiness…

A World of Dreams, second edition, is finally OUT!


If you’ve followed the whole story, you already know what happened to this book. If not, let me sum up the events for you.

Terres de Rêve, the second book in the Dreams series, was translated chapter by chapter, as I was writing it in French. Indeed, I had originally planned to have both editions, in French and in English, released the same day.

Unfortunately, this translation wasn’t as good as I’d have loved. Anyway, out of respect for the readers, I decided to put my book in the hands of another editor, PREMA Romance. They helped me to improve the FLOW and the WORDING, as well as developing some paragraphs.

Now, the story is all bright and shiny, ready for a second read, or a first. ☺

You liked David and James from A New Dream? Here are Chris and Adam!


Chris Flanagan has tried to find love so many times, he got tired of trying. On Christmas Eve, he has vowed himself to chastity for a full year. During this time, he’ll do his best to be true to himself and focus on what he really wants from life… But that is without taking into account the arrival of his mysterious neighbor, Adam.

Adam Patinson looks like a tattooed thug and a biker to boot, who recently moved into the building next door. He’s temptation on legs and everything Chris should despise. And yet…

Will Chris be able to resist the Snake’s call in his Eden’s Garden? Especially when this snake appears to be anything but the macho thug he broadcasts?

For the occasion of the re-release, A New Dream is $2.99, A World of Dreams $3.99 and they’re FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Click and read a World of Dreams!

77,000 words of emotions! Don’t forget the review once you’ve read it. ♥

Just for your information, the third book in the Dreams series is about to be released in French. A translation is planned, but before Dreams #3, I will translate Trois de Coeur, an M/M/M I wrote with Mathias P.Sagan. Writing with him has been a great experience. Believe me when I say this story is hotter than what I’ve ever written!! Steamy hot sex between three men, with a background set in France!

But that is another story! For now, enjoy A World of Dreams, second edition!

THANKS for taking the time to read this. If you want to SHARE the news, well I won’t stop you! ☺☺☺

Alex xx



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