Discover the latest book by French authors Alex C Clarke and Mathias P.Sagan, Three of Hearts



A short word to tell you Three of Hearts, a steamy MMM romance Mathias P.Sagan and I wrote earlier this year in French is finally out in English. It’s been a long process and we’re glad it’s live now!!

This is what the story is about:

When three hearts meet…

Julien and Guillaume have loved each other for three years. Since they live and work together in a restaurant off the Basque coast that drains all their energy, they decide to take a well-deserved holiday far from their straining everyday life. During this stay, they meet Antonio. They ignore the fact their life is about to topple, propelling the three men into a complex romantic relationship.
Our three heroes relate what they’ve lived through, how they feel throughout the development of their love triangle, and how they successfully survive several events that subject them to a tremendous ordeal.
Between acceptance and sincere love, amid difficulties and compromises, they bring us through a universe of possibilities, demonstrating that, with a lot of love and a bit of humor, trios can also find their happy ending.

WARNING: contains explicit sex scenes between three gorgeous males! (I mean, OF COURSE!! LOL)

You can find Three of Hearts on Amazon! Enjoy!

Alex (and Mathias)