Haven’s Revenge by Phetra H. Novak, a fantastic novel like you’ve never read #shifters #mythology #MMRomance

Haven's Revenge

Great cover, made by Debbie McGowan

I met Phetra online a while ago, thanks to a mutual friend. As a self-published M/M author, I hang out on social networks as much as I have the time; there, I have the pleasure to get to know great people like Phetra. When she first released Haven’s Revenge, I was thrilled. Happy for her, first because I know the joy you feel when your book finally gets to see the light outside of your writing cave, but also because the story looked intriguing. Judge for yourself:

Haven Naranjo is a proud Caddo Indian, with a frightening past. He was a mere fifteen-year-old boy when he found his parents, part of his tribe, and his high school sweetheart slaughtered by a wereman gone mad. Falling victim to a system unable to deal with a shattered young mind, Haven finally gives up on himself. He grows up to be bitter and resentful toward the creatures he hates: werewolves.

Alexander Prescott has known since he hit puberty that Haven is his true mate. But there’s one problem: Alexander comes from a large werewolf clan and is the true vessel of the Fenrir Ulv, destined to become the leader of all supernatural beings: the King of Wolves.

Alexander knows how to charm his, and his wolf’s, way into the grumpy Caddo Indian man’s heart. But fate has other plans for them.

When war between the Asa Gods and the Fenrir Ulv threatens, which side will the damaged Haven choose? Will he find a way of trusting those, especially Alexander, who he feels betrayed him? Or will he trust the words of strangers, who promise to make his quest of seeing all shifters dead a reality?

Haven’s Revenge is a story of an emotional journey for a whole community. It’s about finding acceptance not just from others but in yourself.

Enthralling, right? Yeah, I know! Just from the blurb, you can guess there will be a lot of action in this book, but also a lot of different emotions, from anger to sadness and, eventually, true joy.

So, when she offered me to read it in exchange for an honest review, I was even more thrilled!!

You have to get the context… 😉 I was on holiday when I started reading Haven’s Revenge, on the Costa Dorada in Spain. I hadn’t taken holidays since last Christmas and I really—truly, deeply, incredibly—needed it! So, close your eyes for a minute—actually no, don’t, or you won’t be able to read what’s to come…—and picture that: me, on the golden white sand on the beach, on a very sunny day (like almost 100°F!), hearing nothing but Phetra’s voice in my head, telling me the story of her boys.

Port Salou

A view of Salou, Spain, near the beach of Miami Platja, where I spent a week holiday reading Phetra’s book—among other things 😉

I don’t want to ruin the fun and spoil Haven’s Revenge for you. So, I won’t tell you what happens. Just know that Phetra H. Novak mixes the Norse mythology—the Asa Gods and the Fenrir wolf—with the Caddo Indian culture, against a backdrop of shifters and M/M romance. I’ve never seen any book like hers. With her words, she paints humans and shifters’ emotions like few writers do, taking the reader into her claws from the beginning to the very end. I can’t wait to read her next book in the series, and I’m sure you’ll want to read Fated Future too, the short prequel where lay the foundations of Haven’s Revenge. You can find her books on Amazon.

Haven’s Revenge will be out for your pleasure tomorrow, on August 15th.This is its second edition, published by Debbie McGowan‘s publishing company, Beaten Track Publishing. Click on the links (the names, right there, in blue-green?  Yes, that’s it!) to discover their catalog. I’ll talk more about BTP in a post very soon…

Thank you, Phetra, for you introduced me to your world. I wish your books—Haven’s Revenge and all the others—a lot of success!

Happy reading, folks!

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When Matthew J. Metzger writes a YA that you can’t not read #transstories #TinLGBT #SpyStuff #transgender #YoungAdult

Hi everyone!

On this perfect sunny Sunday, it’s the perfect time to talk about Spy Stuff.

What’s Spy Stuff, will you ask? Spy Stuff

It’s not the usual spy story. Not the kind of book Jan Flemming could have written. I could well compare my friend Matthew J. Metzger to another author, but he’s rather exceptionnal and wouldn’t hold any comparison.

He describes himself as an asexual, transgender author, dragged up in the wet and windy British Isles. He currently lives and works in West Yorkshire, and has a special fondness for writing the rough-edged British working class society in which he grew up — warts and all.

What is this book about?

I could try to sum it up for you, but it wouldn’t do the book any justice. Here is the blurb, instead.

Anton never thought anyone would ever want to date him. Everyone knows nobody wants a transgender boyfriend, right? So he’s as shocked as anyone when seemingly-straight Jude Kalinowski asks him out, and doesn’t appear to be joking

The only problem is … well, Jude doesn’t actually know.

Anton can see how this will play out: Jude is a nice guy, and nice guys finish last. And Anton is transgender, and transgender people don’t get happy endings. If he tells Jude, it might destroy everything.

And if Jude tells anyone else … it will.

Intriguing, right? That’s what I thought when Matt told me about this story.

I was so intrigued, that I wanted to know more about it. If you do too, here is the link!

So, I was very lucky when he asked if I was interested in reading it before anyone else. Ecstatic doesn’t begin to cover it.

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never read any of Matt’s books before. Yeah, I know! What a shame! That’s definitely something I’ll have to do after. Indeed, I fell in love with his writing. I was hooked within the first few pages. Funny in a dry way, smart, educational without ever being preachy, sad at times and to be honest, I couldn’t put it down from the moment I began to read it. So much, that I fell asleep on my Kindle at 2am, and resumed my reading right when I woke up the next morning. When I say I abso-fucking-lutely loved it, I’m not kidding!

I don’t want to spoil too much but I can assure you’ll love it. I felt his inner turmoil as if it were mine. The fear of being discovered by his school mates but also by his boyfriend, all the things he had to think about to not get caught, his father (damn, you just can’t like the man if you’re human!!), his lovely mother, his fantastic aunt, his new friends he has to learn how to trust… There is so much to love in this book!

To give you a taste of his writing (and probably make you want to buy Spy Stuff here), here is a little excerpt.

Anton slowly relaxed as Jude started to brighten up and just … talk. Jude chattering, Anton was starting to realise, was a sign that everything was alright. And Anton desperately wanted it to be, so he simply clung on to Jude’s hand — even though it was raining outside, and really too cold to not be wearing gloves — and let the noise wash over him all the way home.

Which meant, when he let them into the house and the smell of Aunt Kerry’s drunk spag bol invaded their clothes, Anton was … actually in kind of a good mood. Maybe he could do this. Maybe Jude would listen, even if in the end he still decided dating a trans guy wasn’t for him? There was a chance, right?

So when Lily appeared in the doorway, took one look at Jude, and screamed, Anton laughed.

« What the hell! » Jude yelped as she tore back into the kitchen.

« She’s –« 

« Mummy, Anton’s friend’s on fire in the hall! »

« — kinda weird. »

« No shi — er, hell? »

« Just ignore her, » Anton advised, hanging up their coats. A nervous swoop made itself known when Jude grinned and kissed his ear, but he laughed it off and pushed him in the direction of the kitchen. « Go get us drinks or something. »

« It’s your house, » Jude said, but wandered off obediently. Anton took a moment to simply breathe before following him.

Lily had firmly decided — despite having seen Jude before and not having really clocked his hair — that Jude was on fire, and Anton had to wrestle a cup of water away from her before it ended up on Jude’s head.

« Nooo, give it back! » she wailed, stretching up to grab his belt as he put the cup in the sink and rummaged in the fridge for Cokes.

« Yeah, Anton, give it back. I might start melting the counter, » Jude said, sliding onto one of the stools at the island counters.

Aunt Kerry, busy with dinner, simply chuckled at the both of them.

« You’re being mean! » Lily yelled, stamping her foot, then turned on Jude, skidding across the tiles to grab at his trousers. « You need a fireman! »

« It’s always that colour, » Jude said in a serious voice, but he was wearing an ear-splitting grin, and Anton’s heart clenched hard at the sheer beauty of him, despite the battered face.

« No, it’s on fire! »

« No it’s not, » Jude said. « It’s ginger. »

« That’s not ginger, ginger biscuits are ginger! »

« They’re brown. »

« If they’re brown, » Lily said seriously, « then why are they called ginger biscuits, huh? »

« Because they have ginger in them. »

« Which makes them ginger and that’s not ginger and you’re on fire! »

« Lily, leave Jude alone, » Aunt Kerry interjected.

« Jew? » Jude dropped his head onto the counter with a muffled cackle into both hands, and Anton couldn’t help but laugh at sight of him.

« Oh God, » he said. « Come on, let’s go into the living room, and –« 

« Noooo, you can’t, he’ll put the living room on fire! »

« Lily, seriously, stop it with the fire, he’s not on fire. »

« Jew! » she screeched, and Jude did a full body twitch like he was trying not to curl in on himself.

« Jew! »

« Jude! » Anton corrected.

« Jude, » she echoed scornfully, throwing Anton a fabulously dirty look for a kid who wasn’t even six yet. « Jude! »

« What? » Jude managed, coughing and rubbing at his eyes, still grinning.

« Tell Tasha to stop it! »

Anton froze. Like a bucket of ice water being dumped on his head, every muscle seized up, and the Coke in the cans started rattling in his shaking hands.

« Lily! Stop it! » Aunt Kerry barked, but Jude — oh God, Jude, totally oblivious Jude —

« Okay, » he said. « Who’s Tasha? »

Lily blinked, then flung her arm out, and pointed right at Anton.

« Anton’s Tasha, » she said, like it was so obvious.

« Lily, that’s eno –« 

« Anton was Natasha only then she became Anton and Mummy says I have to say he but I forget sometimes, » Lily continued in a loud, inescapable voice. It bounced off the walls and tiles, and one of the cans slipped through Anton’s hands and burst open on the floor. Coke was flung everywhere in long, fizzy bursts, soaking his socks and trousers, and through Lily’s indignant shriek and Aunt Kerry’s yell, all he could see was — was —


The wide-eyed, confused stare that Jude was giving him. And the single word, that word, the word Anton hated. « Natasha? »

Anton opened his mouth, found nothing coming up to save him, and did the only thing possible.

He bolted.

Now you can only want to read Anton and Jude’s story. It’s a Young Adult so there is no wild sex scenes, or anything like that. Sweet, funny, and as I said educational but never preachy. It’s a very good first book to start learning about transgender people. Because no, there isn’t enough books in the genre. We are members of a community, a growing one, but sometimes — too often — we forget the other letters in « LGBT » are just as important.

You can follow Matthew J. Metzger almost everywhere. Matthew roams mainly on Twitter and Facebook, has a free fiction page, runs a blog chronicling his own transition from female to male, and has a website. His young adult backlist can be found on his JMS Books author page. And as a last resort, he can also be contacted at mattmetzger@hotmail.co.uk

Now, all you have to do is click here to be the proud owner of your own copy, and discover why it’s called Spy Stuff!

Have a lot of fun!

Alex xx


Au-delà des Apparences, une nouvelle par Alex C. Clarke #LGBT #romanMM #sortiedujour

Bonjour, bonjour !


Non, ce n’est pas un poisson d’Avril !

Il y a bel et bien une nouvelle qui sort aujourd’hui, intitulée Au-delà des Apparences, disponible dès maintenant sur Amazon ! (pssst, c’est là qu’il faut cliquer pour acheter la nouvelle !) 🙂

Mais de quoi ça parle, me demanderez-vous ! Voici le résumé :

Ryan Larsen, rock star depuis une dizaine d’années, sent monter en lui une lassitude qui le mine. L’envie de faire de la musique disparaît peu à peu, le laissant vide, sans énergie.
Une rencontre va tout changer. Cinq concerts, cinq opportunités pour apprendre à mieux se connaître et peut-être réussir à sauver la carrière musicale – et la vie personnelle – de Ryan.

Hmmm… tenté ? Je vous laisse découvrir la couverture.


Pourquoi cette nouvelle ? Tout simplement parce que ça fait un peu moins d’un an que je l’avais en tête, et que Ryan et Morgan n’arrêtaient pas de me harceler pour que j’écrive leur histoire ! Donc avant de me mettre à la suite de Glitter Gabe (si, si, vous avez bien lu, Fabio et Hugo arrivent bientôt !), il fallait que ça sorte.

C’est maintenant chose faite. Je vous laisse découvrir en musique l’histoire de Ryan qui rencontra Morgan un soir de concert…

Bonne lecture !


A World of Dreams, second edition, is OUT! Click and read! ♥♂♂♥

Good morning, people all around the world!

I just want to share some happiness…

A World of Dreams, second edition, is finally OUT!


If you’ve followed the whole story, you already know what happened to this book. If not, let me sum up the events for you.

Terres de Rêve, the second book in the Dreams series, was translated chapter by chapter, as I was writing it in French. Indeed, I had originally planned to have both editions, in French and in English, released the same day.

Unfortunately, this translation wasn’t as good as I’d have loved. Anyway, out of respect for the readers, I decided to put my book in the hands of another editor, PREMA Romance. They helped me to improve the FLOW and the WORDING, as well as developing some paragraphs.

Now, the story is all bright and shiny, ready for a second read, or a first. ☺

You liked David and James from A New Dream? Here are Chris and Adam!


Chris Flanagan has tried to find love so many times, he got tired of trying. On Christmas Eve, he has vowed himself to chastity for a full year. During this time, he’ll do his best to be true to himself and focus on what he really wants from life… But that is without taking into account the arrival of his mysterious neighbor, Adam.

Adam Patinson looks like a tattooed thug and a biker to boot, who recently moved into the building next door. He’s temptation on legs and everything Chris should despise. And yet…

Will Chris be able to resist the Snake’s call in his Eden’s Garden? Especially when this snake appears to be anything but the macho thug he broadcasts?

For the occasion of the re-release, A New Dream is $2.99, A World of Dreams $3.99 and they’re FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Click and read a World of Dreams!

77,000 words of emotions! Don’t forget the review once you’ve read it. ♥

Just for your information, the third book in the Dreams series is about to be released in French. A translation is planned, but before Dreams #3, I will translate Trois de Coeur, an M/M/M I wrote with Mathias P.Sagan. Writing with him has been a great experience. Believe me when I say this story is hotter than what I’ve ever written!! Steamy hot sex between three men, with a background set in France!

But that is another story! For now, enjoy A World of Dreams, second edition!

THANKS for taking the time to read this. If you want to SHARE the news, well I won’t stop you! ☺☺☺

Alex xx



A World of Dreams is out! Today on Amazon! ♥♂♂♥


A World of Dreams is finally out in English!! 😀


I couldn’t wait to tell you about this project and now the time has come!

This book would have never seen the light of the day without the help of my amazing editor, Dragonsfly Edits, who also goes by the name of Petra Howard. She also did my translation, this time. I can’t thank her enough for the astounding job she did, knowing she had very little time to achieve it! ♥

I’d like to thank Sam Thorne and Amanda Eisenthal, who did the last proofing. Thanks, my lovelies!! ❤

Jay Aheer is once again responsible for the gorgeous cover! You can check her out on her website  and her Society6 shop! She has simply crazy skills! ♥

How about I tell you about the blurb, now? Yes? Here we go!



Chris Flanagan has tried to find love so many times, he got tired of trying. On Christmas Eve, he has vowed himself to chastity for a full year. During this time, he’ll do his best to be true to himself and focus on what he really wants from life… But, that is without taking into account the arrival of his mysterious neighbor, Adam.

Adam Patinson looks like a tattooed thug and a biker to boot, who recently moved into the building next door. He’s temptation on legs and everything Chris should despise. And yet…

Will Chris be able to resist the Snake’s call in his Eden’s Garden? Especially when this snake appears to be anything but the macho thug he broadcasts?

It sounds intriguing, right? Yeah, I thought so! 😉 So how about a little excerpt now? Let’s see if we can get you to want to read the book! 😀






First, an excerpt from Chris’ point of view…♥

And now, this man—who was only his friend, not family, not even his boyfriend—this man consoled him, rocking him as if he was a child. But when will I stop? Why am I crying so hard? What for? Who for? For me? About my childhood? My parents? My adolescence? My brother? For every night without hope of love? I hate love! It sucks. It only makes people cry…Damn, why do I cry so much?

“I don’t know, but all of it might be part of it.”

Adam’s reply halted Chris’ breathing.

Had he said all that out loud? Oh my God, please let the ground swallow me whole…The thought pulled him back into reality and he felt Adam’s body heat against him. The breath on his skin, as well as his warm voice, made him shiver. No more cold. No more desire. Just the happiness of holding someone against his heart. Being comforted. Comforted. Tired of fighting, he sighed and leaned back in the strong arms. No pressure, merely friendly comfort.

On his breath, discouragement and sorrow.

On his breath, solitude.

On his breath, void.

But, as he breathed in, his nostrils filled with the smell of Adam. So natural, he fed on the comfort and Chris took Adam’s strength, took his sweetness. And he felt stronger, ready to face the world. A single phrase came to mind.

“Thank you.” His whisper echoed quietly in the silent room. Detaching himself partially from Adam’s protective arms, he pulled back enough to look into his eyes.

How many feelings and emotions in his expression? All the wisdom of the world in eyes that knew too much. Too great a soul to wear, even for a man of Adam’s stature.

For a moment they simply looked at each other, electricity palpable between them. No sexual tension, but two souls connecting, speaking to each other. They were on the same page. Linked.

Adam raised a hand, cupping his face and Chris, unable to help himself, closed his eyes and rubbed his cheek against the massive hand. It felt so good there. Sitting on the floor with a man who understood him. Eyes still closed, he felt Adam leaning toward him. He didn’t want to see what was coming. He wanted to burn this exact moment forever into his mind. Their noses touched and Adam rubbed his. Tenderly. Kindly. Like the Eskimo kisses from childhood. The exchange of our breaths. Then Adam kissed him, still softly.

On the cheek.

And now, an excerpt, staring Adam and the little Chad. ♥

“Do you think I’d be able to forget about you? You’re a wonderful little boy. What’s more, it’s not because someone’s in love that they forget about the people they love. Love is like a heart that is made of elastic. Look at those girls in the yard who are playing with that big elastic. They put several into the middle and the elastic just gets bigger. Love is the same: in your heart, there’s your parents, your family, your friends, and each time someone else enters your heart, the elastic expands.

“At some point, is it going to break?”

Chad’s small voice trembled with emotion, but he was no longer crying, snuggled in Adam’s arms.

“No, of course not! Do you know why? Because it’s a magic elastic that never breaks.”

“You’re sure?”

It seemed to Adam that he was doing better.

“Yes, I’m sure.”


Aargh, Adam groaned to himself. He’s too smart for his own good, this kid!

“Because I’ve loved in my life and I love lots of people. I know from experience that my heart will never be too small to welcome all these new people to love. And as for knowing if I could forget you, know that I’ve never forgotten who was my best friend when I was a kid. Therefore, a child that I know, who has just come into my heart, is still all fresh and I’m not likely to forget.”

“Okay,” the child finally mumbled.

That’s the extended version of an excerpt I shared on Facebook. 🙂

Well, did it make you want to read more? You can tell me what you think of it by commenting under this post, or on Facebook, Twitter, Tsu,  or Tumblr ! I would have said Pinterest and Instagram too but it’s not as easy over there! ^^

If you want to buy it, it’s this way! That’s the Amazon.com link. To adapt it to your country, change the last letters (.co.uk for the United Kingdom, .de for Germany, etc…).

Please don’t hesitate to talk to me. I’m overall quite friendly, nice and I love talking! Besides, I don’t bite… generally!! 😀

Please, once you’ve read the book, take the time to write a few words on Amazon to say why you liked it (assuming you did!). Thank you very much! ♥


Ooooh! I almost forgot! There’s a public release party on Facebook at 8 pm  CET!

Please come and join the fun! There will be a giveaway or two, and the possibility to talk together! Click here: Facebook event! ♥ Thanks again!


Alex xx


Terres de Rêve (Rêves, #2) en précommande ! Plus que 6 jours avant la sortie ♥

Mesdames et messieurs, oyez, oyez !


Me voici parmi vous après de loooongues semaines d’isolement pour vous annoncer, si vous ne le savez déjà, la sortie imminente de la suite d’Un Nouveau Rêve.


Terres de Rêve sort le 13 septembre prochain et il est disponible en pré-commande dès maintenant !

Vous pouvez le trouver ici.

Vous pouvez également m’envoyer un petit message pour les pré-co papier. En effet, CreateSpace n’est pas fichu pareil que KDP et donc  – honte à moi – je n’ai pas trouvé le bouton pré-co…

Donc, comment ça marche ?

Vous m’envoyez un mail, je vous envoie une demande de paiement par Paypal, vous payez, frais de port compris, et vous recevez quelques jours qprès le livres chez vous, dédicacé !

Elle est pas belle la vie ?


Vous ne savez pas ce que c’est, Terres de Rêve ? De quoi que ça parle-t-il ?!

De ça : Terresdereve-customcover-jayAheer2015-3Drender

Chris Flanagan a tellement essayé de trouver l’amour qu’il en est dégoûté. Le jour de Noël, il fait un vœu d’abstinence. Pendant un an, il tentera de ne pas croquer la noix, afin de se donner du temps pour faire le point sur ce qu’il attend réellement de la vie… C’est sans compter l’arrivée de son mystérieux voisin, Adam.

Adam Patinson est un motard tatoué, aux allures de loubard, qui vient d’emménager dans l’immeuble adjacent le bar. Il est la tentation faite homme, tout ce que Chris devrait détester. Et pourtant…

Chris saura-t-il résister à l’appel du Serpent dans son Jardin d’Eden ? Surtout quand ce serpent s’avère ne pas être du tout le loubard macho qu’il donnait l’impression d’être ?

Est-ce qu’on peut lire le 2 sans avoir lu le 1 ?

Oui, mais pour la cohérence et le suivi de l’histoire des personnages, je vous conseille quand même de lire Un Nouveau Rêve d’abord.

Un Nouveau Rêve ?! Késako ?! De quoi que ça parle-t-il ?!

De ça :


Après la mort de son épouse Suzanne, décédée dans un accident de voiture alors qu’il conduisait, David a sombré dans une profonde dépression. Trois ans plus tard, il a décidé de quitter la France pour Boston pour un changement de vie complet. Il raccroche son costume trois-pièces d’avocat d’affaires pour devenir gérant d’un bar. Dans l’avion, il rencontre James, copropriétaire du bar en question.

James est un ancien Marine – un Marine très gay, tatoué et musclé à croquer. David voudrait bien explorer les sentiments qu’il semble éprouver pour son patron. Mais James ne fait pas dans les sentiments. Pas du tout. Genre, jamais !

Eh bien, il ne faut jamais dire jamais…

Ça a l’air sympa, hein ? (oui, je m’envoie des fleurs à moi-même :p )

Où est-ce qu’on peut le trouver ?

Ici et si vous le voulez en anglais, pas de problème ! C’est par  !

Le tome 2 sera également très très vite disponible en anglais. Courant septembre j’espère, sinon en octobre !

Bref, vous l’avez compris, l’heure est venue de promouvoir mon deuxième bébé virtuel ! N’hésitez pas à partager, re-partager, encore et encore à tous vos amis ! Faites passer le mot ! ♥

Une petite annonce aussi : la série Rêves ne fera pas partie de ces ultra longues séries, genre Les Feux de l’Amour, où tu ne sais jamais quand ça s’arrête. (lol) Il y aura, et c’est sûr et certain, cinq tomes au total, pas un de plus.  Comme ça, vous savez où vous allez, avec les personnages !

Je vous embrasse très fort et remercie encore et toujours les lecteurs qui me suivent de près ou de loin. Je suis toujours ravie de vous rencontrer, donc n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un petit mot, j’y répondrai toujours avec plaisir !

Rêveusement vôtre,




Le premier chapitre de Rêves #2 en lecture gratuite sur Wattpad !

Amis français, joyeux 14-Juillet à toutes et à tous ! 


Je savais que ce serait un jour particulier aujourd’hui… Nous célébrons la libération de la prise de la Bastille. Le 14-Juillet est un symbole de liberté, mais au cours des siècles passés, la notion de liberté a largement évolué.

Pour moi bien sûr, en tant qu’auteur, l’une des formes les plus importantes de liberté est la liberté d’expression.

J’excerce en ce jour ma liberté d’expression pour vous offrir un cadeau. En exclusivité sur le site de Wattpad (site de lecture gratuite que vous pouvez trouver en suivant le lien qui suivra sous peu…), je vous offre le premier chapitre de la suite de nos bostoniens préférés ! Vous ferez la connaissance d’Adam et retrouverez sans doute avec plaisir notre cher Chris.

De quoi ça parle ?


Il s’agit de la suite d’Un Nouveau Rêve (Rêves, tome 1), publié aux éditions KDP et disponible sur Amazon.fr

 Chris a tellement essayé de trouver l’amour qu’il en est dégoûté. Le jour de Noël, il fait un vœu d’abstinence. Pendant un an, il tentera de ne pas croquer la noix… C’est sans compter l’arrivée de son mystérieux voisin, Adam.

Adam est un motard tatoué, aux allures de loubard qui vient d’emménager dans l’immeuble adjacent le bar. Il est la tentation faite homme, tout ce que Chris devrait détester. Et pourtant… Chris saura-t-il résister à l’appel du Serpent dans son Jardin d’Eden ? Surtout quand ce serpent s’avère ne pas être du tout être le loubard macho qu’il donnait l’impression d’être ?

Où est-ce qu’on peut le trouver ?


Vous pourrez trouver ce premier chapitre sur Wattpad. Vous n’avez pas besoin de créer un compte pour commencer à lire mais vous en aurez besoin pour commenter, liker ou partager votre lecture.

Pourquoi publier sur Wattpad ?


D’abord pour partager ma joie d’avoir commencé cette histoire. Ce sont des personnages que j’adore et j’espère vous faire rêver de nouveau avec Chris et Adam.

Ensuite pour faire un petit pied de nez à ceux qui ont partagé mon livre gratuitement une fois qu’il a été rendu disponible à la vente sur Amazon. À quoi sert-il de partager un livre qui de toute façon a été en libre accès pendant si longtemps ?!

Enfin pour remercier mes fidèles lecteurs et lectrices, ceux que je considère maintenant comme des amis. Vous, mes premiers lecteurs sur Wattpad, avez rendu ce premier rêve possible. Il n’est que justice que je vous fasse partager la suite !

Il n’y a pas encore de converture. La merveilleuse artiste Jay Aheer et moi-même travaillons à la résolution de ce « problème » ! 😀

Quoi qu’il en soit, je voudrais tous vous remercier de votre soutien inconditionnel !

Aux Nouveaux lecteurs comme aux Vétérans, bienvenue dans le monde de Chris et Adam !

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My review for Held Hostage by Morticia Knight #MMromance #review

Hey Followers!!

I had the pleasure to receive this book for review and I can’t wait to tell you what a great book that was! It’s already available on Totally Bound and will be available on Amazon and others on July 7th. Now let’s get started!


Held hostage - Morticia Knight


SWAT officer, Cole, can handle just about anything, until he rescues Brett—a man who makes him question all he’s ever believed about love.

As a member of the Las Vegas Police Department’s SWAT team, Cole has seen his fair share of danger, but he’s never taken a chance on love. He’s willing to have some fun when the mood strikes him, but he’s married to the job. Called in on a hostage situation, Cole is prepared for anything and everything…except for the brave and beautiful Brett.

Brett has been burned before, most recently by Officer Parker McLean. He’s hoping to settle down in Vegas, perhaps find someone he can build a life with. The last thing Brett’s looking for is another man in uniform. But when he meets Cole, there’s an attraction that can’t be denied. Still, he hadn’t expected to fall for the chiseled alpha.

What begins as nothing more than two people experiencing a great night together spirals into something far deeper. But will Brett be able to handle the stress that comes with having a lover who constantly puts his life in jeopardy? And can Cole risk his heart on an everyday hero, or will the job he knows so well remain his top priority?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of mild BDSM.

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read as part of a series but can be read as a standalone



My Review

I so freaking loved it!
I’m so lucky to have received this book for review. Thanks Morticia!

Wow…What can I say? Two MCs. Cole, member of a SWAT team, the kind of guy who doesn’t usually make love but fuck for release. He has fuck buddies. No relationships. And Brett? Brett is the relationship kind of guy but fears for his heart. It has been broken once and he doesn’t want to have it shattered again.
Will they find the strength in them to let go of their principles and dare put their heart at stake?
You’ll discover it when you read it!!

Another great addition to the Sin City series!! Well done Morticia!
Enjoy! ❤

Here is a small excerpt that I particularly loved.

« Being emotionally open to another person meant giving away a part of himself. What if that person took the piece he gave away then hurt him with it? Brett did it with Parker and look where it got him. Yet, he’d still been willing to do it again with Cole if Cole had said he was interested in trying. Brett might not believe he was as strong as Cole, but he was completely wrong. Brett was much stronger than he’d ever be. »

Now go buy it, people, and enjoy your read!!


Alex  xxx


New excerpt for A New Dream! Release Day on Wednesday!

Hi there!

I’m just passing by to tease you once more…

Only two days before the release of A New Dream!!



The blurb, for those who don’t know it yet!

After his wife Suzanne passed away in a car accident, David slowly retreated into depression. Three years later, he decides to leave France for Boston for a complete life makeover. He hangs up his lawyer three-piece suit to become a bar manager. On the plane, he meets James, co-owner of the bar.

James is a former Marine, a very gay one – tattooed, muscled, and yummy. The problem is, David would like to explore the feelings he has for his boss, but… James doesn’t do feelings. At all. Like, never.

Well, never say never…


To celebrate…and tease you, I admit it…here is an excerpt. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the book. Enjoy!

David was now standing bare-naked before the bed, his manhood rising slowly as he observed the man lying down. He reached out for the long and delicate, white ostrich feather as he sat down on the bed in the crook between James’ arm and his chest. He lifted the feather and passed it over James’ upper body, from his shoulder to his navel and back to his nipples, painting him with invisible decorations. James’ respiration became erratic and he arched his back, as David traced arabesques with the diaphanous item. He skimmed James’ square face, strong but elegant and…unguarded. He trailed it along a cheekbone, his jaw, down his neck and continued to a collarbone…David traced the contours of James’ body. He was trying to learn his geography, the slightest mount, the faintest vale, each canal and canyon. He wanted his fingers to remember the gorgeous body of his lover, so he could recall it in his sleep.

The Feather helped him to achieve his goal. She was giving him the ability to embed the moment in his mind. He moved down to his torso, then his stomach…Oh mon Dieu, those muscles… He was never one to notice hunks or overly muscled women on the beach or on the street. James wasn’t exceedingly muscular, but more in extreme good shape.

The Feather hesitated and finally followed the treasure trail of thin reddish-blond hair on James’ firm stomach. David could see James’ jaw twitching rhythmically, as his fists clenched and unclenched on the now crumpled sheets. The Feather had taken the power from David. From now on, she would decide by herself which path to take. She lifted the bedclothes to uncover his cut manliness. It was standing to attention proudly, in a bush of frizzy dark red-blond hair, slicked with precum and begging to be touched, to be relieved. In a graceful movement, David cast the bed linen aside and revealed the entire nudity of his lover, the cold air provoking goose bumps on James’ hot body. David got out of breath at the mere sight and he took the time to observe in silent awe.

The Feather resumed her path, testing James’ patience. She brushed the length of his cock, increasing its throbbing ever more as it tried to catch the attention of the Temptress. She went down his full balls, as tense as the rest of his body. For a moment she thought about increasing her sensual torture and carry down his legs but she decided to let the boys play. Landing elegantly next to James’ body, she watched them for a moment. She observed how David leaned over to catch James’ impatient lips. She saw how James managed, with great self-control, to keep his arms stretched out. She gazed on as David caught James’ fist in his right hand, slowly forcing him to open it, finger by finger. She noticed how his soft lips covered James’ congested face. It was hard for him, the Feather could see, to restrain himself, to give his man all this power over himself. He looked like he was about to drown in desire. When would David finally decide to cover his lover’s greedy body? As he eventually did, the Feather turned her attention to the blanket and fell gracefully off the bed. Doing so, she was granting them all the privacy they needed. The last peek she took was as David lied down on top of James and decided to use his hands and mouth to discover his lover’s body. The feral look on David’s face made the Feather shudder. She closed her consciousness to the events that followed, returning forever to her previous state of inanimate object.


Ready for more? Buy your copy on Amazon on Wednesday!!

Talk to you soon!

Alex xxx


Happy Re-release Day to Sage Marlowe for Fantasy For Sales #mmromance #LGBT

For my English-speaking followers 😀

Thanks for stopping by 😉 I’m happy to announce the re-release of Fantasy For Sale by Sage Marlowe, one of my favorite authors! ❤


If you don’t know him yet, please check his website by clicking on his logo on the sidebar. Get the chance to know him better and read his awesome books. If we’re friends, you probably know that, first, I’m a huge fan of his writing, and secondly, that I have translated Sub-mission in French for him. If not, then now you know! 😉 Hey, isn’t this cover gorgeous?! I love the look on his face and the wicked smile….*purrs*


Here is the blurb of Fantasy for Sale

What’s the price of reality when a fantasy is for sale?

Cam is young, sinfully sexy and willing to play without limits, a combination which makes him a fantasy turned to flesh for men and women alike—and he’s for sale.

Nate is curious when it comes to carnal delights but hasn’t found the right man to explore his desires with.

When a friend buys Nate a few hours of pleasure with Cam, it’s not much of a surprise that Nate ends up intrigued. He keeps coming back for more and the attraction between them appears to be mutual but while Nate finds himself falling for the sexy hooker, Cam makes no secret of the fact that for him, sex is just a job.

Determined to win him over, Nathan tries to show him that sex is about more than physical satisfaction but Cam’s walls seem impenetrable until a dramatic event forces him to reveal some of his secrets and Nate begins to understand that Cam pays more than just the price for the reality behind the fantasy.



And as you’re very lucky guys, you’ve got to have a glimpse of the story with an excerpt  ♥

 « Good morning, sweetie-pie! » Cynthia stood in the doorway with a beaming smile, glowing cheeks and the hint of a stubble rash on her chin.

I clutched my coffee mug. « Seems someone got lucky last night, » I grumbled and took a sip. It tasted burnt.

« You wouldn’t believe! » She grinned and approached me, obviously intent on hugging me, so I leaned away from her. I frowned and pointedly sniffed the air around her.

« I really hope you’re not going to touch me before you’ve had a very thorough shower and got rid of that eau de fuck you’ve still got on you. »

Cynthia shot me a wink and flashed a quick smile. « Oh come on, don’t be such a prude. No need to be Mr Grumpy-Pants just because you spent last night alone. »

« I’m not grumpy, » I told her grumpily. « I just don’t fancy having your fingers on me after they were sod-knows-where last night. » I drained my mug and added, « And I’m not prudish. »

« Oooh. » Cynthia rolled her eyes, mocking me openly now. « I can assure you, my fingers were only in the best places. All places on the most gorgeous male body this house has ever seen, to be precise. » Still grinning, she raised her hands and waggled her fingers. I stared at her and raised my eyebrows in fake annoyance.

She laughed. « Don’t give me that look, Nate. You know I’m just saying that because you’re beyond competition, darling. But seriously, you should see the guy. Yum-my. Believe me. Perfectly edible. And that’s just his body. »

« Lovely. Sounds like he really got under your skin. »

Cynthia poured a cup of coffee for herself and casually leaned her bony hip against the kitchen counter. « Well, I guess he did. Quite literally. » She batted her eyelids and peeked into her cup. A naughty smile curved her lips. « Several times, in fact. »

Sighing, I combed my hair back with my fingers. It had been such a pure, quiet morning—so far. « Go on then, tell me. » I got a refill then cocked my head, ready to listen to what was doubtlessly going to be a lengthy and detailed description of last night. Cynthia could be shockingly open when it came to sharing her sex life with me, something I liked to think I’d long since got used to.

And still I squirmed when she said, « Four times. He knows how to handle that beautiful body of his. »

Trying to hide my envy, I glared at her. « He made you come four times in one night? And you’ve only just met this guy? »

Cynthia shook her head, chuckling. « No. He came four times. I lost count after the seventh. »

I just barely managed to stop myself from spluttering into my coffee—or maybe spitting it across the room. « Seems he really knows what he’s doing. »

« Yeah, but then again, you’d expect him to, wouldn’t you? » Cynthia took a sip from her cup and met my eyes in wordless challenge.

Soft-hearted fool that I was, I took the bait. « Why’s that? »

« Ah well…he’s a professional, after all. »

« You bonked the hooker? Shit, Cyn, I thought you’d only booked the guy to go to that opening with you. »

She giggled and I was fairly certain I detected a slightly hysterical note in it. Uh-oh, woman on hormonal overload. I raised my eyebrows and Cynthia had the decency to look at least a little sheepish, probably remembering my response to her idea of hiring an escort as her companion for the occasion.

« Well, that was the plan. » She sighed and, cradling the mug in her hand, ran her fingertip along its rim as she continued talking. « But when he turned up, he was just so…charming. He got it all right, you know. He was polite. He knew exactly how to behave and he was so attentive. Made sure I always got a fresh drink before I even realised I’d finished, talked to people without trying to steal my fire, that sort of thing. Seriously, he was just a perfect gentleman. »

« Until he tried to get into your knickers, » I said, letting sarcasm bleed into my voice. It wasn’t like Cyn at all to let herself be lulled into fascination by a smooth talker—a professional, at that.

« He didn’t, in fact, » Cyn admitted. « I asked him to stay. »

Well, great. « And he did, of course? »

She nodded, not quite meeting my eyes.

I groaned. « Oh come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. You paid him to go to bed with you? »

Cynthia was a gorgeous, bright and successful woman who could take her pick among the men queuing up. She was the kind of girl that every man would be proud to be taken home by. She definitely didn’t need to spend money to get laid—or have someone fetch her a drink.

She shrugged. « That’s the way it works in his line of business. »

« Did he tell you that? »

« Yes, sure. Aw, don’t look at me like that, Nate. There’s nothing wrong with it. Honestly, it made me feel downright good to know that he considered it a job. » She tilted her head to the side and looked at me thoughtfully. « You know what it’s like to take someone home on the first night, Nate, don’t you? Especially when it’s supposed to be only that one night. It always makes me feel so self-conscious and on edge. I have to make sure not to tell him too much or say anything that would make him get the wrong impression, that kind of thing. If I make it too easy for him, he’ll think I’m a slut, if I’m too eager, he’s scared I’ll want to tie him down. » She bit her lip and let out a sad little chuckle.

« And it’s bloody difficult to change your mind when you’re a woman, too. I’m not saying I do that a lot, but sometimes I just realise the guy and I don’t…fit the way I thought we would. Most guys are not too happy with that, so if it happens, I have to be really careful not to piss him off and make him think he could get it if only he tried a bit harder. Besides, an awful lot of guys think a one night stand is just so they get what they want and they expect a girl to deliver and not all of them take the time to return the favour, you know. »

« Wow. It’s that good to have sex with a guy, huh? »

She rolled her eyes. « Last night, I didn’t have to worry about any of that. He was so easy about everything and focused on doing what I liked. I knew he’d do what I’d ask him to do. And boy, he did. » This time I did the eye rolling thing.

« It made me feel safe with him, you know? » she continued. « Knowing he’d make it good for me without any strings attached. He wouldn’t even have stayed the night if I hadn’t asked him to. »

I tried to understand. I really did. I could get the trouble with the dating part, but— »Doesn’t it bother you that he did what he did only because you paid him for it? »

Cynthia gave a shrug. « No. That’s the point. I could enjoy all his attentions without having to return any of it and didn’t have to feel bad about that. »

For another excerpt and if you want to learn how Nate meet Cam, then you’ll have to go on Mikky’s World of Books! 😉

You can find the book on Amazon and on All Romance Ebooks. Sorry guys, I’ve got to go buy it! Have fun ❤ *clicks furiously on the link* 😀

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